An overview of our flexible pricing for rooms and seats.


Pay-Per-Minute Seat Pricing


Pay-per-minute seating is available on a walk-in basis only, no reservations required.

There is 30 minute minimum for all walk-ins costing $6. Everything after 30 minutes is just $0.20 per minute. So walk in, grab a seat, stay for as long as you want and only get charged for the time you spend with us!


Book Ahead Daily Seat Pricing

If you need a seat for an entire day, try our book ahead option.

Booking ahead gives you a dedicated seat from 8am-6pm for $65.

For current WeWork members, create an account using the email address associated with your WeWork account and book a full day seat for $50.


Book Ahead Conference Rooms Pricing

Conference rooms range in size from 4 to 10 seats with pricing based on the size.

4 Person: $50 per hour or $400 for a full day

6 Person: $75 per hour or $600 for a full day

8 Person: $100 per hour or $800 for a full day

10 Person: $125 per hour or $1,000 for a full day